August 2016 Archives


August 31, 2016

Noteworthy Interviews 3rd Show / August 31

mitic.jpg Moments of laughter, moments of interest, moments of notable people / Featuring: Kevin Downey Jr., Jody Mitic and Kris Bruun

August 30, 2016

Noteworthy Interviews 2nd Show / August 30

kashian.jpg Moments of laughter, moments of interest, moments of notable people / Featuring: Jackie Kashian, Paul Gross and Jeremy Hotz

August 29, 2016

Noteworthy Interviews 1st Show / August 29

andykindler.jpeg Moments of laughter, moments of interest, moments of notable people / Featuring: Steven Pearl, Tim Steeves and Andy Kindler

August 26, 2016

Best of Friday / August 26

sankey.jpg A small compilation of recent Extra segments / Babes, golf balls and the moon with Rudra Rishy-Maharaj / A great card trick with Jay Sankey / New catchphrases with Amanda / Tim Miller and comedian Danesh Anwar on unreliable drug dealers

August 25, 2016

Graham Ko / August 25

ko.jpg Singer / Songwriter Graham Ko performs in studio / More stories about Phil's chick Vang / Trouble maker Trump / Wanting a buzz from booze / The retirement Sherpa talks about having a good money coach / Mike Muzzin has a toilet problem / Did Edwin spread a dose / Is Ellen a racist.

August 24, 2016

Jim Karahalios / August 24

trudeau.jpg Jim Karahalios is a right wing lawyer who doesn't like the Prime Minister / Big money, Bill Gates and Meet the Donors / The earthquake in Italy scares the shit out of Fred / The interns contribute / Jewish Beatle songs

August 23, 2016

Andrew Krystal / August 23

krystal.jpgControversial commentator Andrew Krystal in studio / More on the Tragically Hip / Does Hillary have the palsy / Canada at the Olympics / Panel of women with Amanda and Emily / Identical twin interns.

August 22, 2016

Loving The Hip / August 22

hip.jpg Humble and Fred spend a lot of time talking about the Hip event / Humble's tit flip / Fred's awkward t-shirt story / Comic Chris Robinson / Olympic post mortem / the interns contribute.

August 19, 2016

Best of Friday / August 19

todd2.jpg More musical guests with interviews and performances / Featured this edition - Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo, July Talk, USS and Taylor Dayne

August 18, 2016

Todd Shapiro / August 18

todd2.jpg Sweet dear friend Todd Shapiro visits the studio / Humble stung again / Fred's bird story / Stan breaks the law / Retirement Sherpa Tim Niblett / Update on Phil's Cambodian romance / Canadian Olympians / Brother band "Ferraro" performs in studio.

August 17, 2016

K. Trevor Wilson / August 17

ktrevorwilson.jpg K. Trevor Wilson appears in the popular Crave TV show, Letterkenny / Humble calls Fred / Spencer Glassman is a career woman / Pushing the Shitter Fund / Gold for Canada / Jew Toss / Trump gets the codes / Andy Kindler tweets the shit out of Humble and Fred

August 16, 2016

Andy Kindler / August 16

andykindler.jpeg Comic Andy Kindler calls in to talk about Donald Trump / Fred vows to never use a Chinese voice again / Humble sells furniture on Ki Jew Jew / More on Phil's Cambodian romance / Panel of Women with Amanda and Emily / Howard bought some trousers on-line / Amanda's movie is in theatres.

August 15, 2016

Facebook Fun / August 15

facebook.jpg Humble and Fred spend a lot of time talking about facebook postings / Phil's Cambodian chick / Alan Cross is a VIP / Not boasting about free stuff / The kid who stole and crashed the plane / The Rob Ford video / More Trump shit.

August 12, 2016

Best of Friday / August 12

headherd.jpg More musical guests and performances / Featured this edition - Head of the Herd, Ambre McLean, Moe Berg, The Reply, The Young Novelists and The Trews

August 11, 2016

The Heavyweights Brass Band / August 11

heavyweights.jpg The Heavyweights Brass Band performs in studio / How will we be eulogized / The death of John Saunders / Intern Linda went to the Hip show / The retirement Sherpa Tim Niblett talks about "planning" / Humble will lunch with a billionaire / Fred's pool time.

August 10, 2016

Dave Himmelfarb / August 10

himmelfarb.jpg Dave Himmelfarb is an entertainment lawyer who's worked with Kids in the Hall / Trump didn't mean it / Stealing from the disabled / Tragically Hip Day in Toronto / Content from the interns / It's hard to be a pedophile.

August 9, 2016

Panel Of Women / August 9

selfesteem.png Amanda and Linda talk dating and shitty self esteem / Humble from Ontario / Fred's physical / Phil has a new schedule / We're having a heat wave / Trump in the trash / ART Catering.

August 8, 2016

Trump And Other Things / August 8

chaplin.jpg Humble and Fred return from vaction with many stories - Maniac Trump / Jim Furyk, Humble's wasp sting / Fred's Urethal Sphinctor / Their daughters / Public Washrooms / The Olympics / Calls from Utah and South Carolina / Marlon Chaplin performs.

August 5, 2016

Music Series 2.0 5th Show / August 5

myles.jpg Celebrating great musical guests and performances / Featuring Luke McMaster, Sun K, Petric, Suitcase Sam and The Mahones

August 4, 2016

Music Series 2.0 4th Show / August 4

myles.jpg Celebrating great musical guests and performances / Featuring Glass Tiger, Theory of a Deadman, Steph Macpherson, David Myles and Jadea Kelly

August 3, 2016

Music Series 2.0 3rd Show / August 3

strumbellas.jpg Celebrating great musical guests and performances / Featuring The Strombellas, Jesse Northey, As Waters, Whitehorse and Lost Cousins

August 2, 2016

Music Series 2.0 2nd Show / August 2

barenaked1.jpg Celebrating great musical guests and performances / Featuring Barenaked Ladies, Ron Hawkins, Nick Name and Dahlia, Tim Moxam and Jocelyn Alice

August 1, 2016

Music Series 2.0 1st Show / August 1

romes.jpg Celebrating great musical guests and performances / Featuring radio legend with musical insight Jeff Woods, national treasure Tom Cochrane and half-Canadian, half-Irish but fully soulful ROMES