May 2016 Archives


May 31, 2016

Phil's Pee Pee Prep / May 31

phileat.jpg Phil is going to the new location of Muse Spa on Friday / Eileen, Emily and Amanda make up the Panel Of Women / Is going to a rub and tug cheating / The Tragically Hip ticket bullshit / More on the gorilla shooting / PDST and veterans / Changing our anthem / Howard's new accent / Is Fred moody / Veteran American broadcaster David Hernandez

May 30, 2016

Testing Facebook / May 30

humbletoe.jpg Humble posts pictures of his scale, his dog and his horrendous blister / Watching sports in good weather / The Chloe snub still bothers Humble and Fred / Humble and Fred have a project manager for the new shitter / Yes, shoot the gorilla / Natasha Boomer talks about being fired / Pat Thornton and Ryan Belleville plan a Fort Mac fundraiser.

May 26, 2016

Cancer Wine and Money

cancer.jpg A Montreal woman fakes cancer / Adele cashes in big time / The Weekend hates Trump The image attached to pot and booze / The clowns go crazy in Pittsburgh / Tim Niblett the Investment Sherpa / Chris and Mark from Churchill Cellars.

May 25, 2016

Chloe Charles / May 25

chloe.jpg Chloe Charles won the 2015 John Lennon Song Writing contest / Shit-funding the new bathroom / Howard probes Fred on his Italy sexcapades / The Gord Downie outpouring of love / A call from Calgary / The Eileen spelling bee / Cosby and Ghomeshi / The Prime Minister's anniversary.

May 24, 2016

The Gord Downie Tragedy / May 24

downie.jpg Humble and Fred deal with the horrible news about Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip / Fred re-caps his Italy trip / Howard's real estate woes continue / Emily Muse plan to open another spa in Vaughn / Comic Graham Chittenden sits in.

May 19, 2016

Garrett Clark and Mary Walsh / May 19

Humble and Eileen discuss Victoria Day with a couple corrections from listeners / Humble warns of an impending housing meltdown as a result of listing his house on the market / Tim Niblett Retirement Sherpa with more on becoming a client of the Sherpa / Comedian Garrett Clark is back with his half-Aussie accent / Mary Walsh on a new series of 22 Minutes.

May 18, 2016

Drew Marshall, David Martin and As Waters / May 18

Religious media personality and friend of the show Drew Marshall joins Howard as a well researched Guest Fred / Getting lost and injured in parking lots / Drew quizzes Humble on prostate exams and his mortality / Guitarist As Waters performs a couple of riffs / Comedian David Martin makes a return visit.

May 17, 2016

Luke McMaster and Scott Faulconbridge / May 17

Pop artist Luke McMaster, his buddy Arun Chaturvedi and Humble have an enjoyable jamming session / Humble, Eileen and interns talk Game of Thrones and Emilia Clarke / Comedian Scott Faulconbridge pays a visit with his trusty ukelele and an aggressive tune / The Raptors and their next stage in the playoffs.

May 12, 2016

Barb DiGiulio, Ambre McLean, Pat MacDonald / May 12

Barb DiGiulio from Newstalk 1010 joins Humble and Eileen as Guest Fred / Humble airs out some angst involving his house and the housing market / Pat MacDonald talks Raptors, Oakville and playing catch with garden gloves / Ambre McLean visits with her acoustic guitar and raspberry hair / Tim Niblett on the process of being a client of the Retirement Sherpa.

May 11, 2016

Martha Chaves / May 11

chavesmartha.jpg Comedian Martha Chaves joins Humble, Eileen and Phil as Guest Fred / The fun of off-side jokes / Raising kids versus having cats / Eileen recaps fun times with a blend prescribed by Howard, marijuana sommelier / Sonia Jhas, fitness guru is flawless.

May 10, 2016

Panel of Women / May 10

shaughbross.jpg Comedians Michelle Shaughnessy and Claire Brosseau join Howard and the Panel of Women for a possible make-out session / Howard diagnoses and recommends as marijuana sommelier / Women as stand-up comedians / Angst over auditions and voiceovers / Jokes that may be too soon / Amanda's building custodian keys.

May 9, 2016

Richard Crouse / May 9

trump.jpg Movie critic and friend of the show Richard Crouse joins Humble, Eileen and Phil as Guest Fred / Fans from Victoria, BC visit the studio / Humble ruins the hot real estate market / Touching on familiar movies and cinematic classics / Humble and Richard talk younger partners.

May 6, 2016

Terrible Trump / May 6

trump.jpg Humble, Fred and Eileen chew on Donald Trump for a while / Retirement Sherpa Tim Niblett talks about ETF's / Fred's going to Italy / Humble's becoming a Viking / Jesse Northey performs in studio / Humble's almost hole in one.

May 5, 2016

Tommy Dreamer / May 5

tommydreamer.jpg Professional wrestler and promoter Tommy Dreamer lays it out for Humble and Fred / Tyler Stewart of Barenaked Ladies describes Tuesday's studio blow-up / Psychologist Oren Amitay tries to help Humble and Fred with some issues / Listeners want to help out with the new studio / The hell that is Fort McMurray / Listener e-mail.

May 4, 2016

Tyler Morrison / May 4

morrison1.jpg Tyler Morrison is the funniest man from Bracebridge / Humble and Fred talk about response to their new storefront studio / Humble and Fred re-hash a disturbing incident from yesterday / Phil eats dumplings that smell like ass / Fish tacos are popular / Howard says Fred is manorexic / Listener e-mail / Donald Trump bashing.

May 3, 2016

Humble and Fred's Storefront Studio / May 3

storefront.png Humble and Fred are moving to a storefront studio (it used to be a lovely flower shop) / Humble loves Fred's shirt / Humble visits Fred's house / The Raptors win and so do the Leafs / Humble's express lane abuse story / The Panel of Women with Emily, Eileen and YouTube comic Megan MacKay.