The Shit Stain Known As Now Magazine

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(By Freddie P.) This is not about whether Rob Ford is a good Mayor or not because that's impossible to determine at this point. He hasn't had the job long enough, and any headway he makes is pissed on by the element that hated his guts long before he was elected.

Rob could prove to be a lousy Mayor, but he could also prove to be a great Mayor, In a city like Toronto that's full of bleeding heart fools who want to live off the somebody's else dime, it's tough to establish yourself.

What has happened to Rob Ford since he was elected has been disgusting, with the whiney sore loser left totally beside themselves and spitting venom at every turn.

They simply aren't willing to give the guy a chance, which brings us to hypocrisy and the shit stain known as Now Magazine.

Back in April I wrote about The Shit Stain when they printed the photo-shopped picture of a half naked Rob Ford. They used his physical appearance to attack him personally, and I wrote:

"How can that be? Now Magazine, save the discount hog washing ads in the back, stands for what's right and decent and proper and politically correct in our society. In the world that Now Magazine lives in you're supposed to judge people solely on character and not exploit their physical shortcomings."

But, so typical of the extreme left, the rules are dropped when they get in the way of your sore loser argument. Now Magazine claims to stand up for the little guy, which apparently means by attempting to demolish the big guy.

And The Shit Stain is at it again.

This week they published a story written by famed fuckster Adam Giambrone entitled "Rob Ford's Political Death Wish."

Forget the article, it's the same old slanted drivel that you'd expect from The Shit Stain, it's the accompanying picture that grabs your attention.

Again, The Shit Stain photo-shop department went to work and published a picture of Ford holding a gun to his head. It's disturbing, even for a heartless bastard like me.

I mean really, what was editor Ellie Kirzner thinking when she gave this the go-ahead? I can only imagine that The Shit Stain, has a place in its heart for those who are actually pushed to taking their own lives.

They stand behind every other element of the so-called downtrodden.

Suicide, brought on by either mental illness or profound tragedy in ones life is nothing to poke fun at. Especially during a week that was coined "Let's Talk" in Canada which dealt with depression and all the horrible things that come with it, including suicide.

But you see, for the losers at The Shit Stain none of this matters if it means they can beat up on the fat Mayor.

If it had been the Mayor who stepped over the line and said something disparaging or disrespectful about suicide, you can bet Kirzner and the rest of the whack jobs who work at The Shit Stain would have given it front page coverage.

They would stand behind the mentally ill and depressed and point all the fingers on their left hand at the big fat useless Mayor.

But in this case, nope.

Involved in a dying business that generates most of its revenue from people who buy ads in their back pages to sell hookers, hand jobs and hog washes, The Shit Stain went for the suicide picture in an attempt to get some attention.

They're hypocrites.

Which brings me to this question. I wonder if Ellie Kirzner and the owners of Now Magazine have ever thought of doing an investigative piece into the some of the women who are pictured in the back pages of their goofy little rag.

Are these young women being pimped and or forced into the sex trade? Are all the women in the back pages of legal age? How many are diseased?

Have any chosen suicide as a way out?

Remember, Now Magazine claims to care about the exploited.

Hypocritical Shit Stain.

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