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October 31, 2011

Humble And Fred Visit CTV'S Canada AM Tuesday Morning

The wonderful people at Canada AM are so fascinated with Humble and Fred's new venture, they want to share it with the entire nation tomorrow morning at 8:50 am. Funny, we were never asked to be on Canada AM when we worked on commercial radio!

Michael Williams And Howard's Lady Friend

Scary Pete - "My Chrithmath Thong"

October 28, 2011

Adam Growe and Joel Auge

October 27, 2011

Carla Collins and Nick Kypreos

#4 in iTunes!

Did you see the good news on Toronto Mike's blog?

We're #4 in iTunes! Here's a screen cap that proves we're not making this up.


Help make us number one.... #1 in 11!

coreFusion Now Hosting Humble and Fred Radio

We've only been podcasting for 8 episodes, but we've already melted a couple of servers. Bloody bandwidth!

We've fixed that little problem thanks to coreFusion, now hosting Humble and Fred Radio. If you need hosting for your site, or a domain name or any other secured hosting service, do us a favour and visit http://www.corefusion.com/, our Etobicoke neighbours!

October 26, 2011

Gil Moore, Our Exploding Audience And Diwali

Humble And Fred On Global's Morning Show

Humble and Fred appeared on Global's new Morning Show with Liza Fromer this morning. Enjoy our appearance, including Fred's pink shirt, here.

October 25, 2011

Greg Carrasco And Tomorrow's Appearance On Global

October 24, 2011

Jeff Marek And Excessive Foreskin

October 21, 2011

Shocking Interview, Gadhafi Song and Kelly Cutrara

What A Week!

We've got the first week of HumbleandFredRadio.com under our belts and I tell ya, I couldn't be happier.

We still don't know where this going to go but as I'd said many times, we're sure as hell gonna find out. And if this week is any indication, I think we've got a lot to look forward to.

To be honest, when we first announced our plans I thought they'd be met with some skepticism but that never really materialized. I thought we might be looked upon as desperate, even though that was the furthest thing from the truth.

Humble and I had the time and resources behind us to give this thing a shot and by Jesus we saw it right through painting walls, hanging sound boards, buying equipment and producing the first show.

Now we've got a week of shows behind us and the response has been so encouraging I can't wait to get back to our home-made studio on Monday.

What a thrill when the Toronto Star thought enough of the Humble and Fred brand to give us the full front page of their entertainment section last Saturday. What an honour that Bob McCown invited us onto his show on Wednesday and showered us with compliments. Bob has some great ideas that we're going to follow up on over the next few weeks.

How impressive that the people at Newstalk 1010 have invited us into their building on several occasions to promote our venture. Talk about class, they've embraced the concept and want to work with us.

To launch an internet show and have the people at Rogers and Astral be so gracious and accommodating has done a lot for our confidence.

To have people like Jim Richards, Alan Cross, John Moore, John Tory, Mike Bullard, George Strombo, Alex Lifeson, Jeff Marek, Jeremy Taggart etc. want to be on your show says a lot.

Even McCown said he'd drive to our studios.... Any time.

I guess its all about timing. The timing is right to embrace the new frontier and face the fact it's where broadcasting is going. We're doing it because we can, and it's so refreshing to be supported by people whose opinion you respect.

So far the show downloads have exceeded our expectations and the viral aspect has been dramatic.

Leading up to our first show Humble and I reminded each other on many occasions that preparing the studios, lining up sponsors and promoting the shit out of the show was one thing, but in the end we'd have to deliver a product.

And judging by the response, we have. It's been overwhelming.

Is it like a normal radio show - no. Is it slick and seamless - no. But here's the kicker, and probably the most important point. Is it like anything else on Toronto radio right now - no!

And for that we are proud. Maybe we won't wreck the internet.

October 20, 2011

Lee Harvey Oswald's Chick And Another Sex Tip

October 19, 2011

McCown Digs What We're Doin'

A big thank you to Bob McCown who gave us roughly half an hour of Prime Time Sports this afternoon. (The most listened to sports presentation in the country) He likes what we're doing! Have a listen.

Sex Show Entries and Radio Stories

October 18, 2011

Richard Crouse and Eliot Hoppe - October 18, 2011

October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011 - Alan Cross

Humble And Fred Fail Song - Scary Pete

October 16, 2011

Alan Cross On Monday

Humble And Fred Thank You

Nice to hear you guys back together and doing what you do best. I just rolled through the first show and had some good laughs - it brought back a lot of great memories about why I got into radio in the first place.
Best of luck gents - I'll be listening!

Best news ever, glad to hear you both again.
Gavin Waston

I read about you in that Toronto Star and I listened to your first podcast! Great job Ill be listening....

Well, there goes 92:28 out of my day I won't ever get back! Congrats on the new venture. There is no such thing as bad publicity, so obviously the front page of the Star's Entertainment section led a lot of people like me to the web site. That was fun, what a blast from the past.
Jim Snider

Great to see you guys back on the air and together again. Hope Mr Goo Head finds his way back on air. The last i heard about him he was jerking chickens at a restaurant in Brampton. Good Luck guys
Eric Finlay

Bravo and felicitations on your new entertainment adventure. Just finished listening to the inaugural podcast while tidying up around the house.
The show had a great pace and rhythm. The occasional song thrown in was a good idea. Lumby's little audio post card was a nice touch.
Kenny in Mississauga

I listened to your first show. Exciting isn't it? Doing it and controlling it all yourself.
Some of the content was a little too ummmm "blue" for my taste but I had the opportunity to click it off but didn't.
Rob Reid

I'll be listening!
Drew Williams

Hey guys! I am still listening to your first show and I think its great! Love the music selection and really looking forward to your shows with Alan and George. Glad to hear your voices again I feel like I am a freshman in high school again.
Dave Reid

Great first show! good to see you guys can really be yourself...swear whenever you want! not the same restrictions as commercial radio! hey, maybe you can open the studio to anyone who wants to come down and be part of your studio audience? I'd come for sure!
Marc Balaiche

Just finished listening to your first show on the web. I'm so happy to see you guys back together doing the stuff that made me spit out my breakfast milk back in the Edge and Mojo days. I've switched almost completely to listening to podcasts for my radio entertainment. Terrestrial radio sucks the big one right now - maybe forever. Long live Humble and Fred online!
Hearing the Goohead song again - cool!
Hearing the Amsterdam-pee-in-hooker story - not so much cool as funny-peculiar
Keep being weird, and inappropriate for my 8 yr old's ears
Susan M

"Very enjoyable. Especially liked the bits about water sports and whizzing and what not. Hoping this will be the focus of future shows."
Phil Evans

The first show was great. Love the format! It allows me to listen to your entire show, not just the 30 minutes or so I used to hear while I was in the car. This little venture of yours may just catch on! All the best going forward.
Keith Abbott

Hey, just read in Toronto Star and listening to podcast as I'm writing this. I'm thrilled that you guys are back together again, the best 1-2 combination ever on Toronto Radio. I've missed you guys! I think the format is gonna be great; I really enyoyed the banter on Mojo and this is even better because you have the freedom you didn't have on radio.
Carmine Forgione

It's about frickin time you guys! I missed you, after you left the edge. I couldn't keep track where u guys were. I'm going to listen to your sow as soon as I put the little guy to bed. No not my pet midget, my toddler.
Angela Maiorano-Thurston

Enjoyed todays show. What a good idea to circumvent the traditonal approach to boadcastiing. Scew them.
Karen McConnell

John Kerr

Excellent first show. Good luck guys !
Just the way I remembered it way back in the CFNY days.

I just read in the Toronto star today that both of you are not employed by a radio station anymore. I find this quite surprising, since you are a household name. Someone should be capitalizing on your fame and reputation.
Well you are trail blazers so all the very best in your internet launch. May the sponsors or some radio station beat a hasty path to your door.

Hey guys, just a quick note from a listener from way back. I'm not sure what the radio execs. are doing this afternoon but I'm guessing there on line and listening.
Welcome back!!

I compliment you on what you are doing. Hard Work ahead! Fred don't try any heavy lifting. All the best Humble. Great article in the Star.
John Donabie

Congratulations and best wishes to two of the funniest guys anywhere. I will be listening and will ask my friends to do the same.
Scott (June Rowlands) Shelson.

Gentlemen, finally something appears to go right in the universe hearing you back together!! Wishing you success!!
Peter Kish

Great article in the Star today. Wishing you the very best in your new endeavour. Keep well ...
Uncle Ron

well after the first installment of the new format i have managed to climb into my chair after laughing my ass off, or maybe it was the bad Ritz crackers and Tia Maria so after the Toronto Star article i just had to check the site an then the first hour show i was hooked so good to hear you unleashed to do as you wish I do have one small problem....at 62 years old I'm outside your demographic.....does this mean I have to listen to a sanitized version? I think that the internet is a place to reek havoc fit for you both - go to it guys. Well the show is over till Monday so i have to get more Ritz and a fresh bottle of Tia Maria.

I thought you sucked shit when your first started at CFNY. However, I soon became a loyal listener and fan enjoying some hilarious radio moments.
I am sure that your new show will be a huge success! I am listening to the first show now and I think it is awesome. I'm hooked already.

Glad to have you back as part of my day. You two clowns have been bookmarked and I look forward to laughing my ass off like I havent done in years. Good luck!!
Larry Clayson

Welcome back boys! So excited to hear you 2 together again on "radio" All the best for your new show!
Old CFNY listener.

Guys this is great. I used to listen to you back in the 80's when you were on CFNY. I was sad when you left, now you are back, this is terrific. Keep it going!

Awesome to have you back! I love the podcast, H&F raw was a favorite of mine...glad to see you running on that track. Who am I kidding, your time at that station that I no longer listen to, were a reason to not hit the snooze button in the morning. And a special shout out to Uncle Vince dut dut dut....
All the best to this going the way you want it. You didn't ruin radio, it was the dough heads looking at the $$ that did. I'm sure you will fit right in on the internet with all the other wacky shit on it :-)
Looking forward to the next podcast. keep it coming guys! And maybe give a thought to getting some cameras in your desolate studio, seeing you guys ply your craft would be a hilarious treat lol

Just read about your endeavor in The Toronto Star.
All the best guys. Hope you are tremendously successful and make tons of money.
An old friend of Freddie P's.
Gail Rees (Downard)

Welcome back. Long time no hear. Just investigating what the regular format is going to be, but I'll be there as often as possible. Considering I'm unemployed, pretty safe to say that's going to be every day!
I've been a fan since before The Edge: your show there was the best on Canadian radio.
How Soon Is Now is a fine way to start the selective musical interludes, regardless of the criteria. If that's any indication of the quality you'll be broadcasting, it's all going to be good.
Anyway, I have to go now...to find something to do. Maybe a job.

Just tuned into your internet show.........it was great!! Don't know why you guys are not on mainstream radio!! Will your show be on every day? Great to hear you guys again!! Phil

Hey guys (and hello, Freddie P...)
Just thought I would wish you good luck and all the best on your first day. I've been following your progress in setting up...looks like you two have put alot of thought into this, so congrats.
Necessity is the mother of invention, but beyond that I think you guys have hit on something that will either grow slowly and consistently, or catch on like wildfire. Whichever way it plays out, the online world and mobile have emerged as the preferred delivery platform for just about everything these days, and radio is no different.
Go get 'em. Much success.
And I'm sure Melnik would let you borrow his fart machine, if needed.
Gibbie from the Patch

Good luck tomorrow! So glad you're back, you've nooooo idea. Stopped listening to 102.1 right after you left and have tried to follow you ever since. (You won't remember me but I did write in with a letter entitled, "rage against the farts" when you were with 99.9 and you did read it on the radio - unfortunately using both my first and last name...sigh.) My friend emailed me to let me know you're back and, being one of your biggest fans, I could not be more pleased! I just listened to the goohead piece, laughed outloud! Can't wait for Fred's laugh - it just keeps the jokes going for that much longer.
Mary Kelly

I hope you both come out with guns a blazing and wangs flapping
I going to be great to hear you both together again with no constraints
Jim Barnes

October 15, 2011

October 15, 2011 - The First One

October 14, 2011

Humble And Fred Get Press

Not bad - we haven't even done a show yet and we get big time coverage in the Star. Tomorrow we're front page of the hard copy Star Entertainment Section.

October 13, 2011

Official Humble And Fred Radio Press Release

Yes, this is the official Humble and Fred Radio press release distributed across the land.

Humble and Fred before we got super old!!!

Larry Loosteen sent us this picture he found of a visit to the old Humble and Fred show. By "old" I mean when we were all much much younger.

He was also kind enough to write a nice bit about the return of our silly little show.

October 12, 2011

A little Humble and Fred Teaser!

We're getting down to the few days before the launch and we thought it might be a good idea to refresh your memories a bit and give the noobs a chance to hear what we sound like.
This little amuse-bouche is actually a few highlights of some previous podcasts recorded over the past few years.
Enjoy responsibly and don't forget to spread the word. All brand new HumbleandFredRadio coming this weekend. (Actually Friday afternoon if we don't f-it up too badly!)

October 11, 2011

New sign and E-mail access!

Hey H+F People.
Our new sign arrived and Freddy velcroed the shit out of it. Nice huh? We must be legitimate or we wouldn't have such a sweet sign.

Also after much back and forth with the Gmail guru Toronto Mike we have configured our emails and we welcome you're input at HumbleandFred@HumbleandFredRadio.com.
Let us know what you think about the new show which will be available for all your internet-wrecking pleasure as of this weekend.

October 6, 2011

Humble and Fred seem to be hard at work!

We're getting down to the short strokes and we have that "serious" office vibe going at the World Wide Headquarters of the all new HumbleandFredRadio.com

Here's The Plan

The construction of HumbleandFredRadio.com continues with the near completion of our studios and the launch yesterday of this website.

Here's the plan. Our first show will be available on the site and on i-tunes next Saturday at noon which is the 15th - and then starting Monday the 17th we're going every weekday, a brand new show will be uploaded mid-day.

We plan to do periodic live shows, including video streaming, but that will come once we get comfortable with the new set-up.

As for the new set-up, we had a shit load of equipment arrive yesterday and we're going to be testing and workin' out the kinks over the next week or so.

It's been quite the experience. It used to be, somebody else would worry about all this stuff, but that's not the way it is now brothers and sisters, we have to do everything ourselves and it's been a lot of fun.

We have no idea where this is going to take us, but you know what they say, there's only one way to find out, and it's not like there's not a ton of people knockin' on the door askin' us to do something else.

I can guarantee one thing; it's going to be interesting. No restrictions, no strings attached, no regulation and nobody in an office telling us to do stuff they've never done.

So far we've reached out to several people to be guests on Humble and Fred Radio and the response has been warm. We'd love to have other radio people on the show to talk about stuff they rarely get to talk about. At the very least be the interviewee as opposed to the interviewer.

Confirmed so far, George Strombo, Jeff Marek and Shawn Majumber.

If you'd like to show some support, here's what you can do. If you haven't already, go to the Humble and Fred Radio facebook page and like us, and then encourage all your friends to like us. Then go to our new website and book mark it.

Like anything else, this thing will survive on numbers, and we need numbers.

If not, check kajiji in a few months and you might get a great deal on some equipment.

October 5, 2011

New Equipment Arrives

Fred and Scary Pete look at the new stuff. Are we smart enough to use it?

Colon Cleanse And Dinner Winner - October 5, 2011