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About Us

Humble and Fred are a couple of nice fellows who have been part of the Toronto radio scene since 1989.

On the hunch of a very progressive Program Director named Danny Kingsbury, Humble was plucked out of Montreal to come and work with Fred at CFNY-FM.

For the next 12 years they entertained their audience with a mixture of humour, irreverence and goofiness while CFNY morphed into 102.1 The Edge.

Then in 2001, a well intentioned big shot at their company had the brilliant idea of moving Humble and Fred from The Edge, which was on the cool FM band, to something called MOJO Radio which was on the AM band.

How they were ever talked into it is still a mystery to this day.  They can’t even explain it.

The MOJO project got off to a great start, but then managerial cold feet turned it into something the two nice fellows weren't comfortable with. So when the chance to move back to the cool FM band came along, they jumped. But alas it turns out the station wasn’t so cool.

Square peg, round hole – it barely lasted two years before Humble and Fred were separated for the first time in 16 years.

What followed was six years of meandering, flip-flopping and soul searching as they looked for that door that was supposed to open after the other one closed. Problem is they found themselves in the hallway of hell.  It had no doors.

They started to take it personally.  They thought “maybe it’s something we did.”

And it was at this point they bought into another popular cliché. Everything happens for a reason.  And the reason could be this. 

Humble and Fred ruined radio and now they’re going to kill the internet.

It’s true man true.  After more than 20 years on Toronto’s airwaves Humble and Fred are no longer wanted by regular radio.  They’ve asked about jobs and they’ve applied for jobs, but nobody wants them.

It seems Humble and Fred wrecked every radio station they worked for, so the only option now is to wreck the internet.

Starting October 15th will be on the air, or online or whatever you want to call what happens on internet radio. 

A daily dose of Humble and Fred uncensored, uncut and definitely uncouth. – starting October 15th and lasting as long as it takes to wreck the internet.

Computers – iPhones and iPods soon to be useless.